Shahid attended St Martin’s School of Art and Parsons School of Design in New York, studying Fashion, Photography and Illustration. After graduation, he did the fashion, music and art thing before opening an art space in the Brick Lane area of London. The purpose of the space was to examine the British Asian experience as it evolved through fashion, music and art, working in collaboratively with Talvin Singh (Mercury music prize winner) and the Soundz of the Asian Underground

He was approached by Arts Council England and agreed to become involved in their drive to make the arts funding system more accessible and inclusive. With a national remit he managed an array of schemes, working with policy makers to affect change from the inside. Similar engagements were to follow working with the Victoria and Albert Museum, the London Development Agency and the Greater London Authority where he set up and managed a seminal, national business diversity programme.

It was during this period, inspired by the artists he met and the work he was doing, Shahid created his first artistic expressions; Illusion of Inclusion, Straight-jacket of Terminology and Fornication of the ‘I’.

After a decade of being at the apex of arts, economic policy and inclusion, Shahid re-positioned himself to create work which reflects his authentic self by combining his experiences across different domains; this manifested itself as the 'Diversity Works...' portrait project, ( ).

Diversity Works merged his practice as a business psychologist and a lens based artist. The project provided a platform for his preoccupation with the plight of the outsider and his experiences of instigating culture change. He recalls, “The expectations and perceptions of other's can be a very powerful force in shaping who we become; for years I worked on affecting culture change from within large organisations, then I woke up one morning and realised the system had changed me - I had to step away to reclaim myself". 

Shahid is now creating a multitude of new projects translating his aesthetic to a wider context where the notion of the authentic self, exploring stories of the world within us and what drives behaviour pervades his work. To date, he exhibits mostly within the receptions and congregational areas of large organisations. Focusing on creating a strong interactive element to his photographic installations, they are engagement pieces that facilitate self reflection, reveal fresh perspectives and start new conversations. 

Exhibition history to date (including prizes, awards)

June 2015: Mansion House – Diversity Works ( )
July 2015: The Law Society – Diversity Works
Sept 2015: Linklater LLC – Diversity Works (commission)
October 2015: KPMG UK – Diversity Works (commission)
Mar 2016: Deloitte – Diversity Works
October 2018: PwC UK – Colourbrave (commission)
Sept 2018: Bank of England: Inclusion Works (commission)
Oct 2018: Hogan Lovells LLP - Diversity Works
Oct 2018: Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize 2018 - Shortlisted Exhibitor at the National Portrait Gallery Oct 18 - Jan 19

Inclusion in publications (details of books, magazine etc): 
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